The Training

Populism, extremism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism – symptoms of the same underlying thinking pattern.

It is a thinking pattern, or a temporary frame of mind and its depth depends on your socialisation. It can be triggered by economic or security threats, but it can also be unlearned and eliminated – the same way it is taught and triggered.

Freedom is built on the aspirations of the individual. But when fearful and unfree, aspirational values are absent. The battle cry of the unfree is to hope that things won’t get worse. But he feels helpless to make it happen.

How can you trigger the desire to be free?

Can you instill aspirational values in people who are chronically fearful and unfree?

How can you reverse the vicious cycle of unfree thinking?

The training consists of three modules

It provides explanation and science-supported solutions to everyday issues that inevitably arise during pro-freedom activism.

  • ¬†Understanding unfreedom

To create awareness of the inner workings of unfreedom in its entirety.

Based on rich and existing literature and fascinating studies of human (and animal) behaviour, the training provides a glimpse into unfree minds.

Next, it debunks their fallacies and arguments one at a time, using everyday debate issues.

  • Countering unfreedom

To realise when it is happening in political communication.

Practical workshop using the news of the day to identify triggers to unfreedom – and to come up with the freedom-inspiring communication in response. In order to formulate a response, one must not adopt the unfree framing.

  • ¬†Reversing mental habits

How can we instill aspirational values to crowd out survival mentality?

The great revelation of habituation studies is that a habit is hard to overcome in the absence of an alternative habit. With the vicious cycle of unfreedom occupying a victim’s cognitive capacities they have little incentive to stop worrying and start being productive and trust themselves.

Aspirational values can, however, crowd out fearful helplessness – and empower the individual. They provide a way out of the vicious cycle of authoritarian or unfree thinking and incentivise the mind to seek out possibilities – as opposed to finding a strong leader to support or a scapegoat to hate.


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